So, I’ve been dialing back on the shopping posts lately because (a) many people feel like they need to save money, and (b) I’m concerned about overloading the USPS, UPS and FedEx folks with non-essential items. But I think we’re going to go back to running them occasionally because (a) people still need some stuff, (b) businesses need the business and to keep people in their jobs, and (c) we honestly depend on the affiliate money to help keep our lights on, too. (That last bit is not to worry you — for the moment, we are fine! — but ad sales are really flat right now, understandably, and so you’re probably going to see your blogs running some affiliate-sales driving stuff on occasion to help keep everyone’s wheels turning.) I obviously advise people to think wisely about if they really need something before splashing out, and make the choices that feel the best to you. This is…a very weird time. (I literally bought a COVERALL because I decided I needed something HazMat Suit-esque to wear if I need to go into a grocery store, that I can literally take off in one fell swoop, dropping to the floor and not going over my face, when I get home and put right into the washer. We’ll know that The Inside Times have really changed me if I wear it once this is over. I got this one from ShopBop; I will warn you, it does run large. I could have gone a size down.) (I also bought this OYSTERS sweatshirt despite never having been to Island Creek Oysters, just because I love oysters so much. I found it because Helen Rosner did this big thing on her Instagram linking to cool merch you could buy from restaurants who need the support right now; it lives in her highlights.)

ANYWAY! You’ve got options, and basically everyone is having a sale right now due to…you know. Crushing fear of bankruptcy in the retail sector. (Like, every single day, J.Crew has run some kind of new promotion. I realize this is far from the most pressing concern, but one of the things I was looking forward to this year was actually getting to marinate in the Chris Benz-designed J.Crew. Ditto Nordstrom,which is — at least here — doing curbside pick-up, too) (FYI, if you’re buying stuff from Target, and you have a car, stock up on whatever and you can probably do their curbside drop-off at your local Target instead of waiting for the delivery or going in. It’s almost entirely contactless and really helpful; thank you, Target workers. [I appreciate you even when I am just wandering around buying random shit at will, but I super appreciate you now.] I mean, I’m selling you a robe or whatever but you probably actually need toothpaste or something truly essential. Be careful out there.)

FYI: GFY always uses affiliate links where available, which means we get a tiny bonus if you get yourself something new. I can assure you that all items were personally chosen by me while I sat around drinking coffee and watching Barry.