I read…at some point? Time has no meaning. I don’t know…that podcast listeners are way down now, which makes sense — people tend to listen to them on their commutes. Unless you’re me, and you never had a commute, and you always used podcasts as a way to entertain yourself whilst doing otherwise painfully dull chores. Generally, I would listen to Pod Save America as I folded my laundry or unloaded the dishwasher or scrubbed out my bathtub, or whatever. And while I DO still listen to PSA, in the last five weeks that I’ve been at home, I’ve also found myself in need of a podcast that’s not going to talk about These Times, for like 45 minutes. Something distracting and smart and illuminating and not about current events! So far, I’ve been filling that space with You Must Remember This,¬†and the Noble Blood podcast. But I know you guys will have other good suggestions, though — as you always do! What I LONG FOR is another podcast like Last Seen, which was one of the most interesting things I’ve ever heard. I also suspect that there is a need in Fug Nation for podcasts you can listen to while the kids are at home. Let’s all fill our earholes with something diverting!