There is one thing I’m certain Jennifer did right here:

Premiere Of Miramax's
Props on leaving the hair down, Jen, because I think there’s a rule someone etched into stone tablets years ago that says, “Thou shalt not wear a pony tail at the same time thy skirt has one.” Although actually, the elaborate napkin stapled to her hips reminds me more of what my hair looked like hanging out of a banana clip, and seems like a fairly limp attempt at adding flair to this outfit — and indeed, the same could be said about a banana clip, unless of course you are talking about Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Geordi LaForge, who passed one off as a sight-giving visor for a seven years, with great badassitude.
I also have another question:

Premiere Of Miramax's

Do we think this quite fits her very well? From this angle it looks a little baggy and crunchy in the torso, and the rise of the skirt seems to hit her in an unflattering way. (For all I know, this is a one-piece dress, but the two pieces scream at me separately so I’m treating them as separates.) For me, overall, it’s a case of, I GET it, but instead of going on this journey with her, I’m going to stay home and catch up on Burn Notice.
What would you do to change this? Snip the napkin? Lower the rise of the skirt? Make it all one color and all one piece? Change the colors? Change the hair? What? WHAT? I must know.