Michelle Monaghan always looks like she ought to be a TV star, to me:

Giorgio Armani & The Cinema Society Host A Screening Of

That’s not a slam, by the way. I LOVE TV — and I think there’s easily as much, if not more, artistry and creativity in TV as in movies, especially right now. But some actors are movie stars, and some are TV stars, and some (very few) are both. Like, can you imagine Catherine Zeta Jones on a TV show? She’s a movie star. And I’d argue that Jennifer Aniston is still a TV star, regardless of how many movies she makes, if only because I find her acceptable at best in a movie but I generally love her on TV (and not just as Rachel — she was easily the best thing on the screen when she guested on Cougar Town). To me, Monaghan just feels like TV — like her REAL fate is to play a sassy hand transplant surgeon on Grey’s Anatomy who eventually gets run over by an out-of-control cattle car, or something.

That being said, she certainly dresses like a very specific kind of actress, TV or not — slightly high concept, and always very, very expensive. Which sometimes equals…well, ugly. (You know it’s true.)