We got a ton of e-mails about Courtney Love’s appearance at the Wall Street 2: The Sequel, Unless You Are Michael Douglas’s Wife’s Lawyer, In Which Case, It’s Just A Distant Cousin premiere. And we agree, she did look much better, but it’s not worth as much without a little shock-value juxtaposition. So here is Courtney as she looked in Milan in February of this year:

Oh, sweetpea, Looks like the May Queen had only just woken up from her post-festival hibernation.
Conversely, here is Courtney as she appeared the other night:

Courtney Love attends the premiere of

So clean! So pretty! So well-made-up! Such healthy-looking hair (whether or not it’s real)! It’s so easy to forget what a lovely woman Courtney Love is, because she’s usually layering on the crazy as if it’s the winter of her insane discontent and she’s concerned about her hard-won, self-righteous lunacy getting frostbite.
Let’s take a look at the rest of the outfit, though.
Courtney Love at the
As you can tell from both shots, it’s harvest season for Quadraboob, and Courtney is fully ripe. But the color is nice, and aside from my fear that she is allergic to sandwiches, it’s a good look for her — about a million times more flattering than Not Without My Dumpster: Mother, May I Sleep With A Florist: The Courtney Love Story, albeit lighter on the ocular fireworks.