All hail the return of Lemon! This episode had a lot of fun stuff in it, namely, a lot of Don Todd and his Monster Golf Safari, and a VERY ELABORATE PARTY thrown together at the last minute, which was extreme even by BlueBell standards. Essentially, though, not that much happened: Lemon is back, and she’s got two dudes fighting over her (her grandmother’s hot chauffeur and the bedimpled Carter Covington); Zoe’s PR artiste mother acts a fool and Zoe allows it because she wants her mother’s affection, because Zoe truly acts like the misunderstood heroine of a YA novel half the time, which is only cute when you are in fact 16; Magnolia is not dead, but she does have a new haircut. Sadly, my theory that Zoe’s Mom and Brick were going to fall in love and get married, making Lemon and Zoe step-sisters, sadly does not appear as though it will come to pass. Pour some out, and then onto the flapper dresses. Which were spectacular, especially since everyone had 12 hours to source them in a tiny town in Alabama, albeit a tiny town in Alabama well known for throwing constant fancy dress events. Also: Meatball and a continuity error that I cannot believe I noticed.