This episode featured some stellar work from Scott Porter, the glorious return of Lavon’s Kitchen Pastry, and a moment where I thought, “well, this show has FINALLY figured out what to do with Tom Long.” Plus, a variety of good outfits and two really bad man-tunics. The fate of this show is up in the air — The CW has renewed Supernatural (which is going to run until the sun explodes), The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Arrow, and Reign, but everything else is still a big old question mark. I hope they do renew it, both because I think it’s great, and because I am slightly concerned that if they don’t, we’re going to end the whole thing on a cliffhanger. (If we do, I hope it’s Models, Inc style, where someone has been thrown off a balcony and someone else is trapped in a whorehouse in Mexico.)