This show is sincerely so cute. I watched part of this episode with a big doofy grin on my face. I can’t help it. RACHEL BILSON GETS ME EVERY TIME. Even when I don’t think she’s believable as a doctor, I just GO WITH IT.  I CAN’T HELP IT. And with that endorsement, here is your Plot Bullet: Rachel Bilson decides she needs to start dating people; this encompasses a whole long thing wherein this hot vet asks her out — veterinarian, not veteran (as far as we know) — and she wigs out and can’t deal with it, but a long pseudo-date with Jason Street convinces her to give the Hot Vet another shot. Of course, she is also totally in love with Jason Street AND HE WITH HER, I might add, which is all very angsty. Also in love with her is Hot Neighbor Wade, whose wife comes back to town (!) and of course it turns out they got married on a lark and never actually got a divorce, as one does. They finally do call time-of-death on their non-marriage, but only after a lot of shenanigans, because HNW hates her New Fiance (who is a mean jerk who used to make fun of HNW’s drunk dad, AND because when HNW and Jason Street were playing high school football, New Fiance almost landed Jason Street “in a wheelchair,” which is a nice shout-out to Friday Night Lights, in which Jason Street  actually WAS in a wheelchair. Does this make HNW the Tim Riggins of this show? I think that kind of actually works, you guys.  Follow that? Just go with me). Speaking of angsty love, Cress “Mayor LaVon Hayes” Williams admits that he’s still in love with Lemon after they co-host a turtle race (!!), and she doesn’t say she’s still in love with him, but she doesn’t say she ISN’T. And who wouldn’t be? He’s so charming. And with that: Let’s see what they all wore.