According to Josh Schwartz’s Twitter, this episode was supposed to air in the place of last week’s, and therefore it felt kind of…all over the place, introducing us to people we’ve already met and also assuming we’ve met one random dude that we definitely haven’t.  Before we get to the clothes, here’s your plot-bullet: Tim Matheson is out of town; Rachel Bilson learns that Hot Neighbor Wade is Sensitive, Too because his father is the resident town drunk/crazy person; Lemon is giving him some competition in the Crazy Person race, and is mad at Jason Street because he enjoyed New York too much, and also wants to…I don’t even know. Something boring about covered bridges and terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE fake accents;  Rachel Bilson learns that, when people in a small charming Southern town get syphilis, it’s not ALWAYS because they’re cheating on their bundt-cake-baking spouse, it might ALSO be because that spouse got a secret navel-piercing from a local nutjob who has hand-syphilis thanks to her boyfriend in the Marines. LET’S GET TO THE CLOTHES. Make sure to wash your syphilis-hands before touching the shoes.