Hart of Dixie is back, and just as charming as it was before the break.  (That’s not sarcasm — this show is really cute.) This week’s episode was all about Rachel “Dr Zoe Hart” Bilson feeling like she needed to put down roots in Bluebell, in order to belong, and yadda yadda yadda she decides to join The Belles, the Junior League-esque ladies’ group that Lemon runs with a fist SO IRON that she’s convinced most of her friends that she’s actually placed a curse on them that prevents them from getting pregnant before she does (seriously). Obviously, Lemon decides to haze Zoe before letting her into the group (turns out Zoe is a legacy, which is why Lemon doesn’t just get to turn her down). This of course involves crazy outfits, forced singing, running errands, and wacky chores. Zoe sticks it out, Lessons Are Learned About Strength of Character, and she eventually decides NOT to join The Belles — which I guess makes sense for her character, but which I think might have been a story-telling mistake, because Zoe belonging to that group would have opened up a ton of ways to better integrate the rest of the women into the show, with the bonus of having Zoe and Lemon at loggerheads more organically. But it is not to be. Along the way, however, Zoe does (very kindly) get Lemon to remove her “curse,” and even gives poor Lemon — who SERIOUSLY needs to be in therapy to deal with her mother issues — a very nice get-a-grip talk about how Lemon isn’t going to turn into her terrible, abandon-y mom. Personally, I want to sit Lemon down and pour some SSRIs into her overly-made-up mouth. It may be thanks to Jamie King’s over-acting, but my GOD I’ve never seen a character with a more severe case of anxiety in my life. She actually makes ME nervous and I am aware that she is not real. This would be a tour de force of acting were we not watching what is essentially a fluffy comedy. Instead, it’s like watching a nuanced rumination on gang warfare stuck in the middle of a Friends episode.

Oh, right! The boys. Don’t trouble yourself. All you need to know is that Mayor Lavon Hayes and Jason Street’s paralegal are back together, and that Hot Wade’s crazy drunk dad has been secretly burying cash all over his property. And that Hot Wade is hot, and does the right thing. And that they’re actually going with this whole Big Box Store is Coming to Town storyline even though it’s boring.