You know, this isn’t awful. And since we’re talking about the reigning Fug Madness champion, that’s actually a meaningful statement.

I think it’s just maybe a few bits and bobs too much — heavy booties AND patterned tights AND a blazer AND a lace dickey sewn to a cocktail dress… that’s a lot of AND. But the thing is, even with all that, she’s pulling it off — she doesn’t look skeezy or sleazy or absurd, and I even kinda like that jacket. Could she be making a last-ditch plea for mercy in Fug Madness 2013? And are we, Fug Nation, a merciful people?


  • We are. I actually like this. (20%, 950 Votes)
  • We are, so I will give this a pass for not being lace pants. (48%, 2,318 Votes)
  • We are NOT. And this does not pass. (32%, 1,512 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,780

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