Now that model Coco Rocha has the sassy short hair, I kind of want her to bleach it and play SWINTON in a biopic, which would probably have to be called SWINTON with a tagline that reads, “SWINTON.”

And y’all know I love SWINTON. But this is underwhelming me. Her hair looks great, but if she’s going to swaddle herself in silver sheeting, then I want more makeup impact. Something funky needs to offset how blah the gown is. And yes, like with all things SWINTON, the longer I stare at this picture the more I am tempted to change my mind and say, “Oh, SWINTON, you charming rogue,” but I think I’m going to make myself stand my ground. That thing has as much shape as the Tin Man’s torso.

So is it FUGTON or FABTON?

  • Fugton (22%, 1,122 Votes)
  • Fabton (17%, 838 Votes)
  • My answer of "FABTON" would be tainted because I love everything she does even when I hate it. (55%, 2,765 Votes)
  • My answer of "FUGTON" would be tainted because I am OVER IT no matter what she wears (6%, 311 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,036

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