I can’t believe the number of movies that are playing every day at the Toronto Film Festival. Maybe it isn’t any more than any other festival, and it just FEELS like it because we have so much more to cover, because it’s taking place Canada in autumn instead of Utah in January, and therefore people wear dresses instead of parkas. But I bet there is a LOT of Red Bull consumed.

Anyway, I was nosing around looking for pictures of someone else when this shot of Reese popped up in front of my face. It was a welcome surprise.

That’s a twisty neckline that still manages to be flattering, and doesn’t throw anything into chaotic imbalance. And I’m having a passionate emotional affair with those shoes. She should become enraged by this and immediately kick them out of her house, at which point they’ll slink over to my house and I will give them safe harbor. I SWEAR I won’t wear them around the house, and for SURE neither of the beans will put them on and shuffle through the living room shouting, “I’M MOMMY.” Nope.

[Photo: WENN]