This may not be accurate, but it certainly FEELS like we don’t see a lot of Lanvin on the red carpets. It’s good styling to know when to widen the net for your client; Lanvin isn’t something I’d have thought of for Shailene, or even necessarily remembered at all, but something about this does suit her well:

It’s formal, it’s hugging her well, and the fancy patchwork of fabrics feels totally right on her — like, there’s a semi-homemade Cinderella feel that matches with her Mama Shailene vibe. I totally buy that she’d sit around — probably sunning her labia — and cobble together a garment out of leftovers, so as not to be wasteful. My only real knock on it is that those particular fabrics feel like shards of dresses I bought at the turn of the century and then threw out two years later because the fabrics were extra flammable. Maybe… wait, do we think Mama Shailene made this out of MY leavings?!? Where exactly WERE you in 2001, eh, Shailene?

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]