I must admit that I did not think that sequined culotte jumpsuits were going to be a thing this year, but we’re at two and counting. (Gemma Arterton’s was the first.)

Don’t get me wrong. I love the pattern. I love sequins. If this were a dress, I would be all in. If it were a shirt, I would buy it. Honestly, I would even be PARTIALLY in — like how I sometimes like to stand around in the shallow end of a pool so I can hold my beer and not get my hair wet, but cool off at the same time — if the pant legs were not at this wonky, high-water length: The whole IDEA of this feels very Kate Hudson High End Groovy Party Girl, and I get that it’s fun. It just makes her look like her entire lower body has been foreshortened in a freakish twist of fate.

Having said that, if Temperley Mega Fan Kate Middleton (I know that’s not technically her name anymore; don’t @ me) were to roll up in this to an official event, I will send the palace $100.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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