Well, her shoes seem like they’re very nice.

I just don’t know why she’s wearing them with a dress that has its own runway. One of the reasons I’m so tired of these big double-slit dresses — aside from how they STILL make the wearer look like she is busting out of it — is that I am without words, or even WORDS. How many different times can you declare someone the Thighmaster? How often can we make jokes about the price of real estate in Leg City? It’s not making her look great, and it’s making me boring. UNACCEPTABLE.

This photo did give me a quick chortle:

It’s even weirder when she stands this way and one leg is hiding behind the strip. I just want to reach over and center it. Please, y’all, stop trying to make Crotch Wrangler a legitimate job title.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]