“This is very Real Housewives,” I mused to myself as I downloaded the photo.

And then I realized: There is NOTHING I want more in the Bravo-universe than for Salma Hayek to join, at her leisure, the cast of ANY AND ALL Housewives shows. When SHE has to skip a production-mandated Bitch Trip because she has to work, it will because she’s presenting at the Oscars. When SHE invites one of the women to sit with her at a fashion show, it will be Gucci. Also, let’s get real: I want to see the inside of her house and, more specifically, the inside of her closet. In the name of Andy Cohen, I pray. Amen!

PS: YES, I realized on Monday when I was setting my DVR for this season of Big Brother that I am watching 4% Prestige Drama, 86% Guilty Pleasure Reality Programing, and 10% Sports. Until the Olympics happen, when that 4% gets scuttled until Fall. My brain, dear readers, is on a break.

[Photo: Getty]

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