Of all the dresses in all the world that Kate could have re-worn…this is certainly in my top three favorite choices.  I am so excited to see it again. (If you’d like a reminder of what it looked like the first time she wore this, a little over five years ago, you can find that here. Wills looks exactly the same except for the march of time across his head.)

Additionally, in case you’re interested, this event was held at Houghton Hall, which is obvs totes hideous, and which is owned by the Marquess and Marchioness of Cholmondeley. “The Marquess and Marchioness of Cholmondeley” is a phrase that is just really fun to say. Fun fact: Until he became Marquess, David Cholmondeley was Earl of Rocksavage, which quite sincerely sounds fake and like the name you’d give the hero in a romance novel until you realized it felt too on the nose. (In terms of Deep Dive Posh Wikipedia Gossip, he and the Marchioness announced their engagement, got married the next day, and then she had twins four months later, who were allegedly three months early. I feel like there were some numbers fudged there. [I mean, there is no doubt she was pregnant when they got married even by the official story, but, you know. I think someone might have cooked the books a little bit regardless NO JUDGEMENT IT’S 2016. Also, everyone in that story is happy and healthy so good on all you Cholmondeleys, anyway.])

[Photos: Getty Images]