Let’s start with the hair: I WOULD be really over ombre hair, if — to borrow from Ross Gellar — I had ever been under it in the first place. I gather it’s supposed to look naturally sun-kissed, but to me it just looks fried.

Also, girlfriend may need to reconsider bangs. They will not cooperate for her. Right now they’ve sculpted themselves into a tiny pair of pants.

As for the dress, it’s definitely trippy. What I can’t decide is if it’s in a fun way, or in a truly freaky way — the kind that might end up part of a Guillermo Del Toro/Evil Dead II hybrid nightmare, wherein a lady’s pelvic frock eyes start blinking messages to me in Morse code and they translate as, “Diet Coke is PEOPLE.”

Should I be scared?

  • Yes (65%, 4,084 Votes)
  • No! It's bitchin'. (17%, 1,036 Votes)
  • Maybe -- possibly only of your own subconscious (18%, 1,150 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,272

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[Photo: Fame/Flynet]