Someone needs to hand Rachel McAdams another really good movie. I mean, maybe The Vow is it, but I feel like The Vow can’t possibly be really good movie straight-up; it could be a really good movie for watching on an airplane, and it will definitely be a movie people have on their mental list of Movies I Secretly Look For On HBO Every Time I Do A Sweatpants Night On My Couch With A Bottle of Wine To Myself (see also: Love, Actually; The Holiday; anything where people find love in winter, really). But it’s doubtful that this movie will change the way anyone sees Rachel McAdams, or the roles that are offered to Rachel McAdams, and I think she’s too charming and talented to drift. She needs a game-changer. Not that it’s so bad to end up being the go-to girl for Nicholas Sparks or Nicholas Sparks Adjacent projects, mind, but… I guess what I’m saying is, I really loved Mean Girls. And she was so gorgeous in Wedding Crashers. Make me laugh again, Rachel. I can’t secret-cry with you ALL the time.

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