Wow, it’s an Aussie kind of day up in here: First Blanchett, then Tonkin, and now Rachael Taylor from Charlie’s Angels. Although she may prefer if I revert to citing Grey’s Anatomy, given how that show flopped. I think she may have been the only person involved in Charlie’s Angels who was actually trying. Anyway, let’s tee off on this:

Generally I don’t like the wet-look, just-hopped-out-of-the-shower-and-smeared-on-some-anti-frizz thing, but I have to say, her face can carry it. And I expected to hate the dress, because things that want me to look through them AND appear to be taking style tips from those old Speedo swimming bodysuits are not high on my Yay list. But, other than how weird it is to see all of her toes poking out — and I mean every part of them,  not just all five of them; those are some very minimalist shoes, it seems — I do think Rachael is as close to pulling this off as anyone could be. There seems to be a combo of see-through and non-see-through fabric in the detailing, which helps… I don’t know. Basically, it’s got the ingredients of things I shouldn’t like, and yet for whatever reason to my palate it doesn’t taste horrible. It’s the Baked Lay’s of dresses.


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