Natalie Portman is one of those people who has been beautiful for literally her entire life, and I suspect that she is going to be one of those 80 year old women who remain irritatingly good-looking. An argument could be made that she’s practicing for her golden years in this outfit?

I am not sure that I would make that argument, but someone might. I actually kind of like this — I freely admit that if Duchess Kate had worn this during her pregnancy, I would have LOVED it, because I’m a hugely biased human –but I can’t decide if I’m totally in the bag for it here. I might be? I LOVE the color. I love the hem. I enjoy the tights. I appreciate her face. I totally just talked myself into it. I’m into it. Thanks for being there for me.

I need less convincing as far as this one goes:

Also a wee bit older in theory than she is in practice, but she wears the Youthful Grande Dame look well. That’s a skill with legs.