It’s funny: There was a phase of Anne Hathaway’s pixie cut where I sincerely didn’t want her to grow it out, EVER. It reminded me of a similar haircut my dishy mom had back in the day, and she kind of evoked those old photos, and WARM FEELINGS, etc.

But her super shiny pregnancy hair is becoming too:

The dress is… not my favorite (nor are the dated-looking platform sandals, but maybe they’re all her feet can take right now). It looks like two shrunken Viewfinder reels got stuck to it, along with some other random specks. It’s also too short. I am all for wearing non-maternity wear while pregnant, within certain fit parameters, and one of them is the hemline: There HAS to be enough room on that dress to accommodate a bump and still keep you covered. If there is ANY risk that you’ll reach up to hug someone and the whole world will be able to tell see if your water has broken, then leave it in your closet.

[Photo: Getty]