Fug Nation, my cherished friends, I need to know something.

Are we REALLY ready for a return to the kind of Dynasty Krystle Carrington shoulder mayhem that Naomi’s blossoming arms imply, or are we only THEORETICALLY ready, in that way where we’re deeply nostalgic for all the shenanigans on that show and feel affectionate for it as a campy time capsule but do not actually want to be locked INSIDE said time capsule unless it also accidentally contains one of those kooky touch-screen Diet Coke machines with a bunch of flavors? Wait, what was the question?

The question was: Is this good, or is it only good on Dynasty?

  • It's good. (21%, 1,680 Votes)
  • It's only good on Dynasty. (41%, 3,364 Votes)
  • It's not even good on Dynasty. Just no. (38%, 3,137 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,182

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