To open, I have to say that her face is so pretty here. Like, take a Post-it and stick it over her dress and just look at her head:

Which is why it’s a shame that her dress is, at best, distracting. I keep looking at it and trying to figure out what’s happening here. Like, is it a subtle homage to Katniss’s flaming ensemble in The Hunger Games? That’s cool; I like books. More people should wear outfits inspired by books to events. And then we should all be forced to try to ID them, like a weird celebrity/fashion/literary party game. I love the idea of actors showing up at, say, the Oscars and Ryan Seacrest is all, “and who are you wearing?” and then Anna Kendrick would be all, “um, this is obviously Crime and Punishment, Ryan. Get a library card.” And instead of being like, “God, I hope Jessica Chastain wears McQueen again,” we’d be more like, “honey, let’s just pray she doesn’t go all Gabriel Garcia Marquez tonight, because she does not have the je ne sais quoi to pull off magical realism. Leave it to Helena Bonham Carter, am I right?” That would be fun. Next awards season, guys. Let’s do it.

But if The Hunger Games are not involved:

  • EW. No. (31%, 1,053 Votes)
  • Ehhhhhhhh. I am unmoved. (36%, 1,245 Votes)
  • I vote YAY no matter what. (33%, 1,113 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,411

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