It’s like magic: Dior puts it on the runway, and then it appears on its favorite child.

Her overall loveliness can sell so many things, but I’m not sure a dress that looks like a Muppet missing its eyes is one of them. I like the sleeves, and I like the blue, and I like the color green, but all rolled together it might be more than one person can carry. If you told me the giant teardrop was actually a green-screen, and that all night people followed her around and keyed different special effects onto it — the leaning tower of Pisa! Maggie Smith’s face! A GIF of Duchess Kate rolling her eyes! Entire episodes of Models, Inc.! You work THAT out, Dior, and I will sign off on this and buy three with my own money.

Assuming it's NOT a green screen...

  • ... then it's an eyesore (73%, 3,512 Votes)
  • ... then it has potential? (13%, 610 Votes)
  • ... then it's STILL great on her, but not on a lot of other people (12%, 573 Votes)
  • ... then it's still great, period. (2%, 99 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,794

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