These are two flavors that don’t mesh.

The context of this outfit was Dior’s first-ever pre-fall show, staged in Japan, with fake snow falling from the rafters. In that context, and with boots, this didn’t seem so strange. But today it looks like she’s about to rip off the tearaway bib dress to reveal a sparkling sporty leotard with “49” on it in blocky jersey print, before breaking into a special song called “The Theory of Coaching” all about whose fault it was that the Seahawks lost, and whether Pete Carroll was right, and whether Bill Belichick should have called a timeout (then let the Seahawks score, and given the ball back to Brady to win the game with as much time on the clock as possible). There will be a LOT of jazz hands and rhyming of “Gisele” with “OH HELL,” and I guess “Pete Carroll” with “imperil” and “cat so feral” and “chug a beer barrel” and “Flynn-comma-Errol,” because those are basically the most sensible options. And everyone at the nominee luncheon will clap politely and then begin discussing when Meryl Streep will be cast as Felicity Jones in the movie of that whole weird event.

In short, she should’ve saved the dress for warm weather.

[Photo: Splash]