It pleases me that Julianne Moore is wearing the same shoes at two events in a row. Stars ARE just like us. This is just like when I wear the same pair of boots both to the post office and the grocery store, right?

This might need a wee bit of a hoik, and it’s a bit like something you’d wear to a funeral/luau hybrid, should such a thing exist, and I hope it does, because I just decided that I want one when I shuffle off this mortal coil. Come for the memories, stay for the roasted pig. Yet, despite the fact that I just used the words “luau” and “funeral” to describe a dress, I still like it on her.

I do think the number she pulled out for the Oscars luncheon is a bit better, though:

It’s very slightly WEIRD — which works for her personal aesthetic — without being so wacky that future photo albums will be besmirched by it. Or whatever the future version of photo albums will be. Holograms beamed into our eye holes? Whatever. We’ll still be able to look at it, is what I’m saying.

[Photos: Getty]