Well, she’s definitely wearing it beautifully.

And I actually think the embroidery on the dress is really stunning. Where I’m catching a heel and tripping face-first into a pile of questions: the sleeves. They seem a fraction too short. And the furry trim seems more befitting a bathrobe, like this is what she wore to lounge around and get her hair and makeup done, and then stuck with it after dumping a martini onto her other choice.

But here’s my real beef:

THE HOOVES. THE INFERNAL HOOVES. We’ve seen a few of these — Chloe Grace Moretz debuted them in red — and they are pernicious little doorstops, no? They look uniquely uncomfortable even by platform standards. Just because Gaga appears to have iron rods implanted in her ankles to keep them from snapping does NOT mean we all need to give it a whirl.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]