Okay. So. I was, initially, kidding when I said the first of these posts was like Royals Round-Up; it was intended as a joke about how the KardJenners wrongheadedly appear to think they are the crown princesses of America. But there IS a logic to rolling them all into one periodic slideshow: It’s ONE post, as opposed to the twenty we COULD write. Ergo, those of you who don’t want to engage with them can skip them more easily. I thought that made sense, but got a lot of disgusted comments anyway because apparently giving them their own slideshow was somehow just as offensive as… I don’t even know, y’all. We’ve already said they are too enmeshed in fashion and pop culture to ignore them. That decision stands. I’m just trying to give EVERYONE what they want: Kards to ogle for those who enjoy the train wrecks — and there are MANY OF YOU, and yes, I am one of them — and an easier time SKIPPING the Kards for those who don’t. I’M TRYING.

Please don’t use sexually derogatory language about them in the comments. Thank you.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet, Getty]