Obviously, it goes without saying that I love her:

The other day, we had a conversation about the way in which our personal feelings about celebrities influences the way we process what they wear. For example, I don’t always care for Julia Roberts — as is my right as an American!!!! — and sometimes I’m not sure if my dislike for her look is weighed down by a personal feeling I have about her.  It’s hard to be objective when you’re talking about something as naturally subjective as fashion — people will NEVER agree, and nor should we; that’s the beauty of it, in many ways. But it works the other way, too — for example, take Cate Blanchett’s carte blanchett. Lupita has that for me. I think she’s beautiful, and so talented, and I think she has a charisma that elevates whatever she is wearing. Now, I would like this dress on anyone, because I love a pattern, and I have a mad secret passion for a nearly tropical print, and this is slightly retro, which I also love. But I might REALLY like it because I like her. Just look at her!

Grace personified ❤️

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So I might not be correct about this dress, is what I’m saying. However, please note: I would never recommend those shoes. No matter how much I love your face.

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