I’ve chosen the most benign, non-spoilery cover photo, just in case anyone is trying to scroll past this quickly without seeing what happened. But if you know already… dudes, this episode was all pain. It was SO SAD. It was like putting your heart in a Salad Shooter.

Luckily, there is Terry Dresbach. She did a whole entry on how Claire’s marvelous cape from last week was based on a Balenciaga. Saks also did windows with the costumes in them, so Dresbach posted copious photos of the moving process, which is just a magnificent treat. She even discusses how they solved the issue of getting period-proper mannequins and shared construction pictures, including close-ups of the “wigs” they made. Her blog is A TREASURE. I just love that she and hers documented so much of this. Please, please treat yourselves.

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