I have come to a greater understanding of myself.

And it is that, given my feelings for this look (positive), it’s possible that I may have A Thing For Feathers. This does not jibe at all with the fact that I have a raging phobia of birds — unless! And I may have just further figured out my own psyche! UNLESS I find this look so appealing because it represents to me a beautiful way to SUBDUE THE BIRD. By, you know, sitting on it all night.

In all honesty, there is part of me that finds the idea of a feather skirt kinda gross, if I think about it too long. But this is like taking a glamorous marabou slipper and making a whole outfit out of it, and I am therefore sort of into it.

Also, I do love a halter.

All that said, I recognize that you, Fug Nation, may think I have — if you’ll pardon the pun — gone cuckoo.

What say you?

  • I love it! (50%, 2,581 Votes)
  • NO! I vote no. Hard pass. Strong no. (25%, 1,270 Votes)
  • Maybe? (25%, 1,288 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,139

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