In this week’s Royals Round-Up: Camilla goes to jail! We get to see inside Clarence House from an angle that is new to me! Harry wears that sweater I like! Crown Princess Mary sports a nice coat. That circus in Monaco is still happening?!!?!?

PS: Kate has an event on Sunday, where she will be presiding over the coin toss at the Super Bowl. Wait, that’s wrong. She’s going to be attending a church service and reception as part of her new gig as Honorary Commandant of the RAF Cadets. We’ll have coverage here, of course, so swing by whenever you get tired of the dips you’re eating.

And elsewhere:

– This is from the Daily Mail (I KNOW), but it’s a fun read (with the usual caveats) for those of us who love Royal Logistics, which is a strength of The Mail. Let me share their own breathless and slightly misleading headline: Confessions of the Queen’s Vicar: Diana’s ‘terrible’ upbringing, Andrew on the rampage and Princess Margaret’s VERY distracting decolletage… an indiscreet portrait of the off-duty Royals.

– Our friends at the Duchess Diary report that QE2 is giving Kate her patronage of the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club (the home of Wimbledon), which is both a very plum assignment and one that makes total sense given that Kate loves tennis and they go to Wimbledon every summer anyway.

– Rumor has it that Prince SquishyFace NoodleMuffin is doing v. well at nursery school; I wonder if his being in school on the regular right now is one of the reasons that Kate and Wills didn’t join the rest of the Middz in Mustique right now. (The other reason being, I think. that they’ve finally realized it’s bad optics, and also he’s flying a lot right now.) (Hello!)

– The Court Jeweller reports on all the tiaras at Sweden’s Representative Dinner. Shiny! (Sofia — who looks lovely — is basically sparkles from head to toe.)

Crown Princess Mary sported a purple Alexander McQueen evening gown this week, which you probably want to see. (Order of Splendor)

People has the scoop on the cancelled Spanish state visit to the UK, which I mentioned in the slideshow.

–Prince Charles has made 3 MILLION (People reports it as dollars, but I think it’s actually three million pounds) selling prints of his artwork since 1997. (For charity.)

– There’s going to be a big exhibit of the Queen’s clothing for her 90th birthday! Let’s go! (BBC)

– Tatler has several photos of royals playing rugby. BLESS THEM.

– And our friends at Vanity Fair of course have the scoop on Harry’s partying over the weekend.

– Harry put a wee child’s wellie back on her foot today. It’s rather charming. (Reports from the field all indicate that he was on Full Charm at this visit.)

  — This seems about right:

– This looks fun!