Are we SERIOUSLY still doing this?

W LOVE Hangover Ball - Arrivals

Lavender hair is not a life choice. You are not purple-haired the way someone is blonde or brunette or a redhead (bottle or otherwise) unless you live with the Whos down in the Whoville. I have no beef with Whimsical Hair, really, but BY ITS VERY NATURE, one does not have Whimsical Hair for like EIGHT YEARS or however long this has been happening. Can’t Joan Rivers intervene?!

As for the dress: (a) I don’t hate it, (b) someone else has worn it but I have NO recollection who it was, and (c) it kind of looks like the wallpaper in the Polo Lounge came to life, but I love that wallpaper so I actually might be okay with it becoming sentient.

What do you think?

[Photo: Getty]