I have been looking for little black ankle booties — the ones I want, I can’t afford, because they are Rag & Bone and therefore I would have to trade some months of pre-school for them — so maybe that’s why I am feeling charitably toward this outfit.

But another thing I love about it is how young she looks compared with Anne Hathaway, who went with something decidedly more poncey and Important and whatnot. The difference in their outfit choices is almost symbolic of their characters themselves– the Fantine here being Anne’s darker, less inspiring, spiritually toothless dress, and the happier (sort of) and more vibrant Cosette being this basic but bright flowery smock. These two actresses are only four years apart in age, but by the wardrobe it feels like a bigger chasm — which would be kind of a fun passive-aggressive stab if the two secretly hated each other, although I have heard nothing to that effect and suspect they have no issues with one another at all. I just like drama, and want to read a Vanity Fair article in ten years all about how the depictions of the cozy after-hours cast sing-a-longs left out a few crucial details about hurled vases and hair-pulling and attempted poisonings.

And, might I detour a moment to say that I am THRILLED the Les Miserables world tour is beginning? Anne and Amanda rarely bore, even when they fail to enthrall. It should ensure happy holidays for Fug Nation.

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