You need to know, up front, that I don’t like the dress. For me that’s not what the poll is about today.

It always distracts me when a dress’s skirt just SITS on the red carpet, instead of flowing onto it. I also wish the bodice were designed as striking on its own merits, instead of as a unibrow for her boobs. But Julianne Hough is someone who has been tossing and turning on the red carpet, so to speak, trying to slide into a consistent style that works for her. And God help me, but the playful punkyness as illustrated here — kind of a Miley-lite — is the one that’s working best for me. Her face looks great, and is totally carrying all the intensity around it. It takes a lot to stand out in the middle of all that, but she’s doing it, and in a way that gives her some personality. Some verve. Some zest. Some other word that would be worth a decent amount in Scrabble. (I once got denied “vogueing”, on a triple-word square no less, because it wasn’t in the ratty ancient Webster’s we had even though we all know that’s totally a legit word, AM I RIGHT, and I apparently never got over it.) So this puts me in a weird position of embracing the spirit of an outfit if not the letter, and thus, I need y’all to set me straight.

Lay it on me:

  • I actually love this outright (13%, 719 Votes)
  • The dress is a wee crazy, but I think she's found her vibe (45%, 2,590 Votes)
  • Meh, on all of it (24%, 1,372 Votes)
  • No, no, a thousand times no, on all of it (18%, 1,044 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,725

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