So, apparently people are speculating that Jenna Dewan  might be pregnant [and apparently they confirmed it today, after I wrote this post, but I’m leaving it as-is anyway — H], and here is why:

Now, that volume is clearly the dress — I am not at all saying she looks heavy, because that would be insane. But if you are Jenna Dewan, I suspect you don’t wear a dress shaped like that, nor stand in this posture, unless you Have A Secret. It FEELS like the tepid version of Beyonce hopping up on stage at the VMAs and ripping open her blazer and cupping her stomach. I will be curious to see where this goes, or even if, in fact, there has already been an announcement by the time this post runs. [Yup. Right on time, in People. -H] Maybe she’s just messing with us, though, because she knows that being married to the Sexiest Man Alive will yield a lot of interest in his Sexiest Sperm Alive.

Let’s look at the whole thing:

She IS also looking … mammarially full. But I don’t know what they usually like like, so who am I to say? The dress itself is pretty; maternity or not, it doesn’t really fit. In the former case you could excuse it — if your chest suddenly blows up and you get the dress sent to you that day, there’s really no saving it. If she planned it to be a cleavage showcase, though, then the whole thing is a little bit Faerie Seductress for me, like you’d see her in a calendar as Miss September with the coy quote, “I put the ‘wood’ in ‘wood nymph.'”

Your take?

  • Gorgeous, full stop. (10%, 396 Votes)
  • Fine, if she's pregnant; poorly chosen if not. (53%, 2,097 Votes)
  • Poorly chosen regardless -- it's Boobs on a Platter. (36%, 1,429 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,922

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