Jenna Coleman is playing Queen Victoria in an eight-episode series that we in the United States will get next year. (If you missed it, we have the trailer here.)  It seems right that they’re having the premiere at the Orangery which is right there at Kensington Palace (which has a ton of Victoria exhibits, including an interesting one we saw while we were there in April, and where she lived for a long time). The Orangery, of course, is ALSO where Nicky Hilton got married last summer, causing me to have rage blackouts every time another media outlet claimed she was getting married in Kensington Palace. ANYWAY. Wow, that was a tangent. Back on topic: I don’t think I particularly like this dress, but I appreciate that it is such a modern take on a Victorian feel, so I’m coming down firmly in the camp of I Appreciate What You Are Going For Here. What say you?

[Photos: Getty Images]