In a recent post about Ms Stone here —  we sincerely do love her — one of you wise citizens of Fug Nation pointed out that her posture is often very telling:

When she’s wearing something that she thinks is working for her, she’s all Shoulders Back And Sassy. But sometimes Emma shows up and her body language, like it is here, feels somewhat tentative. Now, personally, I feel that there are times when the Shoulders Back And Sassy posture can actually RESCUE an otherwise questionable look from the bin — it’s a fashion fake-it-til-you-make-it, otherwise known as SELLING IT. That is how, for instance, Cate Blanchett manages to pull things off: We like her to begin with, and she has enough personal oomph to just COMMIT to whatever she’s decided to wear out of the house, even if it is made out of your grandma’s favorite afghan, so she manages to wrestle victory from the arms of defeat more often than not.  I would have felt way less tentative about this outfit MYSELF if Emma seemed stoked about it, instead of looking sort of undercooked. Because it’s not BAD — the color is brave (although I suspect it’s better in person; we’re inching close to Consumptiveville here), and the fit is unusual in a good way, and her purse ROCKS.

But would you say it's GOOD?

  • NO. It is BAD. (9%, 1,033 Votes)
  • No. But it could be worse. (43%, 4,635 Votes)
  • Yes! I think she looks divine. (48%, 5,221 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,891

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