Wait, she got them back eventually. Although I wish someone would have told her that, when you are the Mother of Dragons, don’t leave your babies in an unsecured random box in the middle of your room guarded only by a fairly unreliable prostitute. Also, on the lines of If A Tree Falls in the Woods And No One Yadda Yadda Whatever: if Khaleesi isn’t blonde, is she really Khaleesi? Emilia Clarke is terrible pretty regardless, and I actually love her dark hair, but it’s SO WEIRD to see her Not Blonde. She’s basically unrecognizable. It’s also weird not to see her wearing some cracked out half-toga. But I think this dress is pretty….right? I’m all turned around. It certainly seems to be part and parcel of her off-duty wardrobe, see?

She loves a dark ruffle, and I love that red lip.

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