Something about this dress reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence — as if it just missed the cut for her Hunger Games promo tour, and then got handed down to somebody who promised to give it a good home, or rather, a good shoe.

Elizabeth definitely lived up to the shoe promise. The dress itself, though, has a definite Sexy Alien vibe to it — which doesn’t have to be a bad thing; I just can’t tell if it works on her here. Maybe it needed romantic hair, as opposed to a semi-severe updo that reminds me faintly of Max Headroom. Or maybe my mind is playing tricks on me: At some point I wondered what this would’ve looked like if the front were actually the back, and so it’s possible my brain now can’t see it any other way. But I THINK overall I dig it, with some minor imaginary tailoring to her head suit. There’s always something.

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