SUNGLASSES: I cannot believe people are allowed to do this to poor, helpless dogs.

LEOPARD: Kid, you don’t know how lucky you have it. Sunglasses? Probably with SPF lenses? LUXURY. Why, back in my day, I got my fur dyed every other week and wore weird ski hats and bows in my hair.

SUNGLASSES: Easy for you to say, Panties. You don’t have your undercarriage hanging out for all the world to see.

LEOPARD: Girl, please. Amateur. Why do you think I learned to cross my legs?

SUNGLASSES: Oh, WOE, can’t she put me into a kennel?

LEOPARD: Child, you are already in prison. At least you’re starting out with a cellmate.

SUNGLASSES: You could enjoy my suffering a bit less, you know.

LEOPARD: No. No, I couldn’t.

[Photos: WENN]