I really like the front of this dress, but the styling sort of makes Dakota look like she’s arrived late for a final audition for a period piece after realizing whilst on the Stairmaster that she was actually scheduled to be at Warner Brothers at 2pm, not 4pm and she’ll never get there in time, run RUN!!!!!

Ye Olde Gym Hair works sometimes — even I, Cranky Old Person, can admit that — but this is, in my opinion, not one of those times. I get wanting to dress down this outfit, but I wonder if a braid would have accomplished the same thing without giving the feeling that she just flew like a bat out of hell out of Equinox.

The back of the dress is pretty, though:

I feel like you could arguably wear this dress backwards, too. Like two D&Gs in one! Don’t ever say they never gave you a bargain.