Alexander McQueen has been all over the map for me lately. Sometimes it’s like they’re marching into Marchesa territory, and this to me is shades of… well, LOTS of things.

I feel like this is exactly what Ursula the Sea Witch would have worn if she’d stolen Ariel’s body in 2016, making sure to bedeck it with the badges of all her previous kills. Poor dumb Prince Eric wouldn’t know what to do with himself. He’d probably faint.

Okay, I think it’s the jet lag at work here, and I apologize for bringing them up, but all this talk of Ursula — and our earlier discussion of Which Bronte Child Is Rob –caused me to space out and imagine a Kardashian analogue of The Little Mermaid. Clearly Robert is the dad whose daughters’ names all begin with the same letter, Kim is the one who washes up on a rock and dreams of dating her way up the ladder (remember back in the day when she tried to date Nick Lachey and he was like, “Eh, no thanks”?), Kris is the Sea Witch to whom they all sell their souls, and Kanye is probably the know-it-all seagull who tells Kim a bunch of made-up stuff and makes it sound like expert knowledge. See, it works. Unlike this dress. And THAT’S how we bring it full circle, ladies and gentlemen.

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