Anytime you wear a white outfit to a Star Wars event, you’re going to get the obligatory Princess Leia reference. I don’t really have a QUIPPY one, sadly; it’s just hard not to assume it’s thematic, even if it wasn’t.

For example, “I assume this is what Leia wore to her first board meeting of Rebel Base: Ewok Division,” or, “Someone ran the heat a little too high at the Hoth Christmas party,” etc. Other than my long-standing aversion to front zips — This Time, It’s Personal: Every time I ever tried one on, they turned into a crazy roller-coaster of a fastener, so I gave up — I don’t mind this dress so much, but that shoe is never my favorite (plastic!) and I don’t think the nude strap works with a white outfit. LUPITA. Did you steal all the shoe mojo? Is there no Footwear Force to be spared here?

Oh and in case you’re wondering what John Boyega was wearing:

Daisy Ridley star wars force 4 fashion john boyega

… it seems to be an eggplant Members Only jacket. With which I am weirdly on board.

Daisy showed up on The Tonight Show earlier and wore something much more lively:

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 3

LOVE the shoes. Don’t mind the pieces of the rest of it. But I’m not sure they go together? It’s almost like someone told her the skirt was a vision of Tatooine but nobody had anything else that went with it, so they just improvised heavily and hoped for the best. That top and bottom do not seem to speak the same language, yet thanks to her personal charm, they’re at least having a conversation. No protocol Droid required.

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