The problem with some of these LED dresses — this one is programmed by girls from Google’s Made With Code initiative — is that you can’t always tell in pictures how cool they are. Leaving that aside for a moment…

… I still think Lupita looks very pretty in this one, but what I REALLY want to point you to is THE POTENTIAL END OF BORING SHOE SYNDROME. Yes, her big heap of BSS may finally have dissipated, thanks to these stunning Louboutins. Bravo to her for finding a way to plug in fun footwear without worrying about it detracting from the dress, because it truly doesn’t. Even if it did, though, I would be celebrating. PEDIVICTORY IN OUR TIME.

As for those lights:

From another angle you can see they’re more complete, and really lovely. I’m not sure I am ready for, or expect, LED dresses to sweep the nation. But as a gambit to get more people into coding — I know it might seem sexist to lure girls through clothes, but in the end I think it hardly matters as long as the end result is encouraging science-minded females to get in there and kill it and storm out there and TAKE WHAT’S THEIRS — I wholly approve.

Oh, and earlier in the day, Lupita beat BSS one more time.


Are they ENTIRELY right for this outfit (especially if she weren’t wearing the jacket)? I’m not sure. But am I looking an adorable gift shoe in the mouth right now? NEVER.

[Photos: Getty]