I give Christa B Allen a tough time in my Revenge recaps, but it’s not totally her fault: The show is kind of flat this season so far, and the writers haven’t given her character a very easily-pinpointed motivation. Even Nolan doesn’t have that much to do. And poor Charlotte is no Nolan:

This is yet another event where no one seemed to know what they were supposed to wear — an epidemic on GFY the last couple of weeks. Naomi Watts wore trousers, and Christa here is dressed in Prom By Black Swan. That being said, I kind of like this. When I write my YA adaptation of When Harry Met Sally, which I plan to do as soon as I finish a couple of loads of laundry, this is what Teen Sally will wear for her climatic New Year’s Eve.

She looked somewhat blander at Elle’s recent Women in Hollywood event:

But never more like Jennifer Garner than lately. If only SHE could pop up on Revenge.

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