I love CZJ for how graceful she seems to be under pressure — it can’t be easy having to announce that you’re in treatment again for your bipolar disorder, and on top of that, revealing your separation from your husband. Maybe behind closed doors she’s having a terrible time, but the effort it must take to put on a happy face and meet work obligations is, I’m sure, considerable, so good on her.

I just… I keep looking at this dress and thinking she’s just come from a quick bout of murder. Very FLOWERY, artistic murder, but murder nonetheless.

Am I overreacting?

  • Yes. It's dramatic and awesome on her. (24%, 1,113 Votes)
  • No. There IS a touch of the blood-splatter to it... (20%, 932 Votes)
  • I wouldn't say MURDER, but I definitely don't like it. (29%, 1,357 Votes)
  • It's fine. (10%, 474 Votes)
  • Let's just focus on her smile. (17%, 806 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,682

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[Photo: Fame/Flynet]