Well, we’re back. Quick hits:

1. I still like this show, mostly because I like the cast;

2. As premieres go, this was mostly full of non-events and non-surprises and non-action, and felt like a wasted/filler episode — which, for your first episode back, is pretty sad;

3. They MAY have teed up something devious at the end, though, plus one other soapy thing that… whatever;

4. There is LOTS of CGI de-aging and blurry shots and pinned-up Tami hair;

5. I think I’m going to call everyone by their actual character names this season, because I think part of the problem with this show — and I am totally inferring this on my own, with no knowledge — is that I am concerned people behind the scenes may want Rayna James to be an extension of Tami Taylor and thus untouchable, and my chief complaint about the show is that she should NOT be, and she SHOULD make mistakes, so I’ve decided not to be Part Of The Problem. We’ll see how it goes.

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